Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

I love adding marbles to boys 5-9 and 10-14 boxes.
When I asked my sister, who works with children in Zambia, if they prefered the smaller or the larger marbles, she said most of them had never seen marbles.  They play with stones.  I know my boys love playing with marbles, they make up all kinds of games with them.  And I'm sure the children receiving marbles have lots of fun with them!


  1. I saw this craft shared fro marbles--it is a little maze you sew a marble into. I think it would be fun addition to a shoe box and you could make a whole lot out of one bag of marbles, or if you sewed little bags to hold the marbles you were putting in a box you could take just one marble out of each set and sew some. Anyways, in case you would be interested here it is:

  2. Thanks Cheryl! That looks fun and easy to make:)