Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OCC Fundraiser Lunch

Back in March, I organized a soup and dessert lunch fundraiser at our church, following the Sunday morning service.  We were able to raise over $800 for shoe boxes!  I hope to purchase items throughout the year, as I come across them at discounted prices.
Our church has a small congregation of about 150.  I put up a sign up sheet for most of the food donations and had no problem getting everything brought.  We had a very simple menu: chicken noodle soup and hamburger soup with buns.  Dessert was chocolate cake with whipped topping or white cake with raspberry topping.  Everything was delicious!  I had lots of offers of help from dishing out soup, to washing dishes and setting up tables.  It really was a team effort.  My hope is to plan a church wide packing party when the collection date draws nearer.
I would encourage you to raise funds for your own shoe boxes!  People are often more than generous when they know you're raising funds for a good cause.  Step out in faith.  :)