Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter Clearance

This is the time of year that stores clear out their winter merchandise.  Today at Wal-mart (Portage la Prairie, Mb) there was long sleeved shirts as well as toques (I realize this is a Canadian term!  What do American's call toques? Beanies?) for $1 each.  I especially loved the toque with a pom pom on it that says Canada.  Always neat to include an item or two that bear the name of the country the shoe box came from.  The sizes for all items tended to be more on the small size, with the occasional large size.
Some people question whether warmer clothing items like this, are appropriate for the countries they are being sent to.  I would answer yes!  Not all countries have warm climates...think of Russia for example.  Definitely some nice items to keep a child warm.
Happy shopping!