Monday, October 7, 2013

Walmart hat clearance

Walmart is clearing out their summer hats for $1.00
Why not add a hat to your box?  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

6 Weeks until Collection Week!

Collection Week is the week of November 18th.  6 Weeks away!

I picked up our boxes this week.
And we are now getting into high gear for our packing party for the middle of November.    Today everyone received their first box.  Which meant I needed some help.  Folding boxes and putting on the labels.  And I am so thankful for these ladies, who spent the Sunday School hour, folding, and cutting labels.  
Some kids were a bit disappointed it wasn't the packing party this Sunday. But we find by starting early, it gets them excited about what is coming up.  Today they could pick a face cloth for their shoe box.  The first of many items that will be carefully picked for each box. 
To see the kids carefully pick something as simple as a face cloth, and find joy in making sure it is the right color, brings a smile to my face.  And I know God must be smiling down as well.  Knowing that the child who will receive this box has something special coming, tangible items, but more importantly hearing about the One True God.