Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Clearance

Anyone finding any good end of season deals?

Items to look for are skipping ropes, t-shirts, flip-flops, balls, sand toys.

I stopped at Bargain Shop and found a few goodies.
100 Ziploc Bags $2.00 (needed for bagging soap and candy)
Skipping ropes .50 cents
Colorful Water Bottles .75 cents

I'm keeping my eye out for the tennis balls to get marked down lower at Superstore.
Still looking for more flip flops and t-shirts.  But they don't seem to be marking them down as much this year.

Back To School Deals

Back to School deals continue.

10 pack of pencils .25 cents
Crayola Crayons .75 cents
Crayola Pencil crayons $1.25 (includes a pencil sharpener)
4 pack of excercise books .25 cents
loose leaf .17 cents

12 pack of Bic Pens .96 cents.
Crayola crayons .70 cents
10 pack of pencils .33 cents
24 pack of pencil crayons .96 cents

There was no school supplies advertised in their flyer this week.
I'll hopefully get there in the next few days to check it out.
But they always add match.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

School Supplies!

Woohoo!  The school supply deals are finally starting in Canada!
Now the best time to buy school supplies!

From the flyers it looks like Staples has the best deals.
But Walmart and Superstore ad match, or lower their prices accordingly.

10 pack of pencils .33 cents (limit 6 per family)
150 sheets of loose leaf. .19 cents (limit 6 per family)
4 pack of Hilroy notebooks .25 cents (limit 6 per family)
24 staples brand crayons .50 cents (limit 6 per family)
Coil notebooks 80 pages  .15 cents.

Staples & Superstore
Crayola Pencil Crayons $1.25

10 pack of Bic pens .97 cents

I'm looking forward to getting to the stores and seeing what they've done to the pricing.

Anyone else find some great deals on School Supplies?