Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School Deals continue...

The back to school deals continue!  A week and half until school starts here.  Crazy how fast summer flies by. 
Superstore has NO TAX today.
A great time to stock up.
Plus I saw these 10 pack of pencils for .13 cents. 
I have never seen them that low. 
I forgot to check if they had a limit, as we have a great supply of pencils already.
And they continue to mark down summer items. 
I was there on Thursday and these 2 pack of tennis balls were $1.00 today they were .50 cents.  Just wish they would have had more.  That's what I get for waiting. 
Looks like most of the other school supply sales stay the same.
24 Crayola Pencil Crayons with sharpener .97-.99 cents at Staples, Walmart and Superstore and Shoppers this week.
Crayola Crayons start at .85 cents at most places.
Loose leaf is .15 cents at most places including Shoppers.
10 pack of pens are .89 cents at Superstore.
Is anyone all done their school supply shopping for shoe boxes?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Always Worth the Trip to the States!

Yesterday we went down to the States for the day. 
And once the shopping was fantastic!  Duty, not so much:(
But things are still less expensive, even with duty!
Here is a bit of a run down of what I found
70% off summer
It is hard to see but on the left corner I found 2 large containers of beads, which we will make into smaller packets.  They were on sale for $2.39.
Fun shades .30 cents.
Flip flops were .79-.89 cents.
(Here in Canada I paid $1.25-$1.50 for the exact same ones at 70% off)
Always our first stop.  I love Target and it did not disappoint!
.25 cent crayons.
20 pack of pens for $1.00
Pack of 2 balls .50 cents. - great for 2-4 boxes
A bought a cart full of crayons and pens:) 
TJ Maxx
Another favorite.  You never know what you will find.
I found a pair for cute sandals for a $1.00
A few packages of 5 pairs of boys underwear for $2.00
Markers .50 cents
They also had crayons for .25 cents, but they were all out.
Pencils and Pencil Crayons are less expensive here in Canada, which surprised me. 
Someone mentioned Hobby Lobby as places to visit.
Sadly the city we went to, does not have a hobby lobby.
I need to go, and sort and organize all I bought. 
My office is starting to look like a room from hoarders;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School Sales Continue

The Back to school Sales Continue this week! Yea!

24 Crayola Pencil Crayons .97 cents limit 6
24Crayola Crayons .75 cents. limit 6 (.05 cents less than last week)
Coil bound notebooks .10 cents limit 6
4 Pack of Joe brand notebooks.  .25 cents  limit 6
10 pack of pencils .25 cents (don't think I saw a limit)
Bic 10 pack of pens. 97 cents. limit 3
Joe Brand 5 pack of erasers .97 cents

24 Crayola or Staples brand pencil crayons .97 cents    limit 6
24 Crayola crayons .65 cents.  (cheapest I have seen)
Staples brand crayons .60 cents   limit 6
Hilroy 4 pack of notebooks.  .20 cents

Looseleaf .15 cents
24 Crayola Pencil Crayons .97 cents  NO Limit
24 Crayola Crayons .65 cents NO limit.  But my store was all out.
Hilroy notebooks .10 cents each.

I have also found a few deals on t-shirts and underwear
Walmart had $1.00 boys long sleeve shirts
Bargain shop had really good quality 10-14 boys shirts for $2.00
Giant Tiger- Fruit of the Loop boys briefs 3 pack for $2.00
                                                 girls 3 pack for $2.00

Have you found any good deals lately?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Asking for Help...

Asking for help.  It is not always easy to do. 

In years past I would have made trip after trip to Staples to pick up the limit of 6 notebooks.   But as our Packing Party grows, so do our needs for more items, and with it came the realization that I can not do this alone.

I am thankful that God has put together a great Shoe Box Committee.  Each with individual gifting.  They are great to bounce ideas off of, and have a new energy for this ministry. 

I am also thankful that I can send out a mass email, asking families in congregation, if they would be willing to pick up notebooks.   The response I have received has been fantastic!  I had people dropping off notebooks at my door late last night, and opening up my email was a pure joy,  I had people say they had already gone last night.  Would they like us to go again?   People often want to help, but don't always know how. So writing a short email, asking for help is worth it.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Back To School Sales

This is one of my favorite times of year for Shoe Box Shopping! Now is the time to buy school supplies for shoe boxes.  A lot of items are a lot cheaper now. 

This is the first week that the back to school deals have started in Canada.  After seeing all the posts about the sales in the states.  I couldn't wait to see what kind of deals us Candians would get.
The flyers didn't look too promising.  But often there are unadvertised deals.

My first stop was Superstore.
At first glance I was not impressed.  Nothing seemed to be on sale.
Finally I asked the prices on a few things.
A 10 pack of pencils were marked at .99 cents.
But they rung up at .25 cents and NO LIMIT! (1500 pencils later we almost have enough for our packing party! YEA!)
Crayola Pencil crayons were marked at something like $2.88 but rung up at .94 cents.
I am hoping when I go back, they will have the correct prices on items.  So much easier to figure out if you want to buy it.

Walmart had 150 pieces of Hilroy looseleaf for .15 cents.  Again no limit.
I bought a cart full for $15.00. 
Didn't see any great deals here.
Pencils were .99 cents for 10.
Pens were $1.68 for 10. 

Staples has 4 packs of Hilroy notebooks for .20 cents.  But there is a limit of 6.
14 pack of pens for .99 cents. 

Those are the items I found. 
Have you found any other deals?