Friday, August 2, 2013

Back To School Sales

This is one of my favorite times of year for Shoe Box Shopping! Now is the time to buy school supplies for shoe boxes.  A lot of items are a lot cheaper now. 

This is the first week that the back to school deals have started in Canada.  After seeing all the posts about the sales in the states.  I couldn't wait to see what kind of deals us Candians would get.
The flyers didn't look too promising.  But often there are unadvertised deals.

My first stop was Superstore.
At first glance I was not impressed.  Nothing seemed to be on sale.
Finally I asked the prices on a few things.
A 10 pack of pencils were marked at .99 cents.
But they rung up at .25 cents and NO LIMIT! (1500 pencils later we almost have enough for our packing party! YEA!)
Crayola Pencil crayons were marked at something like $2.88 but rung up at .94 cents.
I am hoping when I go back, they will have the correct prices on items.  So much easier to figure out if you want to buy it.

Walmart had 150 pieces of Hilroy looseleaf for .15 cents.  Again no limit.
I bought a cart full for $15.00. 
Didn't see any great deals here.
Pencils were .99 cents for 10.
Pens were $1.68 for 10. 

Staples has 4 packs of Hilroy notebooks for .20 cents.  But there is a limit of 6.
14 pack of pens for .99 cents. 

Those are the items I found. 
Have you found any other deals?

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  1. I'm in the States and have been stocking up. :) Rulers for .25, pencils for .25 a pack, etc. This is the best time of year!