Friday, March 16, 2012

Hope after sadness

Source OCC UK
Tragedy overtook this family in 2004, the night the police arrived in the camp. Their father had been arrested and badly mistreated before, and when he saw them surrounding his house, demanding that he come out for questioning,  he panicked.   Taking a rifle,  he shot himself through the heart in front of some of his children.  
Now the mother and numerous children must somehow survive on their own.  There is no money for toys, and no one does this family any favours.   So when the shoe boxes arrived at  the flimsy door to their house,  the children’s eyes flickered with astonishment – and some real bewilderment, that soon turned into shy, furtive smiles.   For the first time in their lives,  they have brand new toys – and also the knowledge that someone, somewhere, cared enough for them to send them.   They cannot quite understand this, and the older children listen to the pastor with growing interest as he explains.  These shoe boxes will be an invaluable help to Vllaznim, the pastor,  and Sinisia, the leader of the project,  as they attempt to build a relationship with this sad family.

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