Sunday, March 4, 2012

God's Provision!

I love to add pencil cases to my boxes!

I imagine children trying to carry their school supplies to school. They don't have cute little pencil cases or boxes or any other containers to store them in. Back packs are not available. And if they're anything like me, I'd constantly be dropping something, a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, pencil crayons and on and on. And by then I'd be crying. So with something small like a pencil case, it could make their life a little easier.  Last year at our church packing party, one of the things I wish we could have added were pencil cases. 

This thought has been on my mind since that day back in November.  And so I've been cutting pencil cases from felt and fleece these past few weeks and my mom's been sewing. We have a nice pile!  Our fabric has given us more than we imagined- again God's doing. But not nearly enough for the boxes we pack at home, my mom's boxes and the churches.  We do not have a goal yet for the number of boxes at church.  We just know it will be over 200. 

On Friday I felt that I should go back to MCC, the thrift store in our city.  I had already been there on Tuesday.  But felt that I should go back.  So I wandered around, wondering what I would find.

 And then I saw these.
And not just One, as pictured.

They all had tags on them that said mail bag and you could write your address on them.
But to me they cried pencil cases! 
And lots of them!
  They were exactly the right size. 
 The top has a draw string so they could be closed.
And the tags could easily be cut off without hurting the fabric.

There was no price on them.
So I eagerly took my find to the till.
Well it turns out that there were 200 of them!
And I got them all for $12.00. 
.06 cents each. 

Oh Our God is so GOOD!!
I hadn't even prayed about it yet, but God knew my heart.
And he provided, more than I could have imagined!
And I am so thankful he saw fit that I didn't have to sew them all. 
He knows sewing is not really my gifting;)

The other blessing is that  MCC will invest the $12.00 into helping other needy people around the world. 

The gift just keeps giving.

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