Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Story Couldn't Come at a Better Time.

GUATEMALA: Nine-year-old Isaias could not go to school because his mother was very ill and the family had to spend their money on medicine, leaving no money to purchase school supplies. Isaias’s mother trusted that God would provide for the family and for her son’s school supplies.

Meanwhile, the pastor of their church invited Isaias and his siblings to participate in an event that included an Operation Christmas Child shoe box distribution. What a surprise they had when they found school supplies in Isaias’s shoe box – everything that he would need! Isaias’s family was very glad because their trust in God was rewarded. Now Isaias is attending school and is very happy and grateful.

Operation Christmas Child Canada shared this story on their fb page today.  I love reading stories how boxes can change a child's life.  How the items in a box are the very items that the family needs.  The story came while I was taking a break from filling up pencil cases.  Last year I found it very busy right around distribution week, so I've been trying to spread things out a bit more.  And God has provided so many school supplies already.  And it's only beginning of March!  I have enough pencil cases (a few more to be sewn yet, but they're cut) pencil crayons, erasers, scissors and pens.  It's fun to fill up the pencil cases and know they could be going to a child just like Isaias!  And the items could help them go to school.  Talk about rewarding!

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