Friday, March 9, 2012

Impact Story from Vietnam

In Central Vietnam a 13 year old girl called Do Ngoc Tien, received her own special box Operation Christmas Child gift filled shoe box.  When she opened her box, Tien cried with joy.  It was the first time she had received gifts from anyone, especially a friend from afar.

Sadly both Tien and her sister had leukemia and needed frequent blood replacement.  Tien understood that her parents did not have money to pay for life-saving blood replacement and so at first she wanted to give her shoe box to another child!  Tien thought there was no point in keeping her gifts as she would not live long enough to play with them herself.  When she was encouraged to keep the gifts given to bring comfort, hope, and joy to a child in need, she happily agreed and held them close.

Source OCC Australia-New Zealand

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