Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Favorite Things

 I have had a few people ask what were favorite things in the boxes.
There is not one specific thing.  I think well rounded boxes are the best option. 
Sadly some boxes were half full.  Or just had candy.

Here are a few things that the children were proud to show off.

and sunglasses

Dolls were a favorite among all girls!
And both genders liked stuffed animals. Many hugs and squeezes were given when they found the soft stuffed animals in their box.
Anything that made music was a hit.

These two boys pictured below were so excited about their new t-shirts!
I wish I would have a video of them.  It was so neat to see.

And all boys enjoyed cars and monster trucks were a big hit as well.
We saw so many boys eyes get big when they saw cars!
and planes.
This guy was super pumped for his screwdriver
Balloons are always fun.

 A picture of the people who lovingly packed a box.
And school supplies.
Soap and toothpaste also received shrieks of joy.  (Canadians can not pack toothpaste in boxes due to custom regulations)  I remember so many kids eyes lighting up from those two items. 
What are your favorite things to pack in boxes?


  1. I try to make my boxes well-rounded, too, with a variety of items. One thing I plan to add this year is more clothing items. Last year, I put socks in a few boxes, but that's all. After the boxes were sent, I found some flip-flops on sale, and I bought several pairs. I also am looking for tee shirts at a good price. I'll check the summer hat clearance as well. It is sad that some of the boxes were skimpy and others contained only candy. I have heard that the inspectors at the processing centers will never remove an item unless it is on the inappropriate list, but they will add filler items if the box needs more stuff. It's upsetting that some of the kids seem to have been shortchanged.

    1. If you have a Michaels or AC Moore nearby, watch for their plain colored t-shirts to go on 5/$10 sale. That's when I grab them! :)

  2. every one of my boxes are packed with the basics: soap, washrag, toothpaste,toothbrush, comb, school supplies (pencils, crayons, markers/colored pencils, paper), fun pad, a toy(s), candy. I fill them so full that it takes alot of repacking and shaking everything into place! This is truly my passion! I had the opportunity this year to go to Charlotte and volunteer at the Samaritan's Purse warehouse! We were told to try and leave the boxes intact as possible, we only removed liquids, glass items, food and used items. There are some that aren't very full but we did have filler items to pack into the boxes and we sure did make sure they were full! Such an awesome ministry and look forward to helping again next year! My family has been doing 12 boxes for a few years until this year when my husband said we should do more so we did 8 more and I concentrated on the 10-12 boy and girl age group. I have heard many volunteers say that the older group of boys are always the most needed. I purchased screwdrivers, tape measures, nails, screws at the dollar store, small hammers, fishing line, hooks, etc for their boxes. For the older girls I bought fat quarters, sewing kits, extra thread and more craft type items.

    1. I found some cute sewing kits at the Dollar Tree. I plan to add a few more buttons and maybe another small spool of thread. I was wondering if their similar kits or sets for the boys with maybe a couple screwdrivers (straight slot and Phillip's head), etc. I'll look for small hammers, too. Thanks.

  3. Hi! I loved this post and just shared it on my blog at: http://www.clipwithpurpose.com/what-are-their-favorite-things/ as well as our facebook page. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. Thank you for this post! I always include soap and toothbrushes, toothpaste, and combs and a washcloth.

    I also always put in something soft and cuddly like a little stuffed animal. Boys get cars, everyone gets a book of some sort.

    I have not done hats, but did find clearanced tshirts that fit my budget that are going out in my 2014 boxes. I did boxes for older boys and also put in a few small tools like screw drivers.

    Will look for music making things to stick in there as well!

    1. What size t shirts did you buy for the older boys? What about the boys ages 5-9? The sizing is a bit of an issue for me.

    2. For 5-9 boxes I would try to find clothing that is close to size 9. About a boys medium (as my son is about this age and size) Although if I find a whole bunch of size 6 shirts on sale I buy them. The Lord knows who needs them and he will take care of the sizing.

  5. I never thought to send balloons! I will definitely have to add those to the boxes for older children this year.

    My favorite thing to add to shoe boxes are soap pouches. I was able to make 25 soap pouches from a large $4 towel from Walmart.

  6. The thing I LOVE to put in shoeboxes is some type of tote bag or backpack. I figure the kids are getting all of these wonderful new toys, hygiene items and school supplies but they might not have a place to keep them. You can find some really great ones! Happy Packing everyone :)

    1. What an excellent idea! Last year I bought a couple of those kids' meals lunch totes from Subway. They were $1.29, I think. For this year, a relative promised to get me some tote bags with her company logo, the promotional kind. I am also looking for sales but haven't found . Yet. But I will!

  7. I like to pack more than one of a particular item when I can, like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, and school supplies.