Saturday, February 8, 2014

How were we able to go on our distribution?

I had someone ask how we got to go on our distribution.

We have a wonderful missionary couple who live in Mazatlan, Mexico- Mike and Gaby Dueck.   He is from our home church and married a beautiful lady from Mexico.  They have an amazing ministry there.  They work with the prison in the area,  they have a great relationship with the prisoners, and they have a church in the prison.  When the men get out of the prison they start attending their church, outside the prison.  They run 6 feeding centers and are hoping to open their 7th later this year. Numerous are run by ex-convects and their families, whose lives have been transformed by Jesus! What amazing stories of redemption.
Mike works with OCC and organizes the shoeboxes for the area of Sinola.
Because of this connection, we knew that they hand out boxes the first Saturday of January.  And they said that we'd be welcome to come and join them. Our church sends a group down every year to build a house and work in the feeding centers.  But they had never included a shoebox distribution, until this year.  I remember  writing this date down by my calender over a year ago and felt that God was calling us to go.  And God opened the door for our family to go with a group of 18 others from our community.

It was such an amazing opportunity to see the other side of the shoeboxes. After packing for years, it was amazing to see the children receive the boxes and hear about Jesus!

I'll be answering more questions in the coming weeks.


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  1. I LOVE your page! I am an Area Coordinator in the USA and I blog myself! I am going to put your blog on my blog list for people to see!! I shop year round for shoe box items myself! I am going on a distribution to the Philippines this May with the ministry! I hope you will stop by my page from time to time! Perhaps you can see pictures from my trip as well! I can not wait to go see those smiling faces myself!!