Saturday, February 15, 2014

Don't Forget Valentines Clearance!

 Today I hit Wal-mart in hopes of finding some valentines clearance items like pencils and cups but everything was already gone.  At least in the one store I stopped in at.  So I started hunting through the treats for acceptable candy for shoe boxes (hard candy, no chocolate or gooey stuff).
I found these bags of heart shaped suckers.  Regular $4 on for $2.  There's about 100 in a bag so that makes each sucker 2 cents.  I wondered if I should've bought more but I already have candy canes on hand from Christmas clearance as well as these:
The ever popular "book" of lifesavers were on clearance at Wal-mart after Christmas for $1.50 making each roll .25 cents.

So don't forget to check out the clearance items after each holiday.  There's lots of goodies to be found!

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