Friday, February 21, 2014


When scrapbooking became all the rage, back in the day, I was into it big time.  I think I spent as much time shopping for supplies as I did actual scrapbooking.  So I accumulated a lot of "stuff". 
I have since moved onto digital scrapbooking, which doesn't require me to store anything other than my computer.  And I like that.
But I also still have a lot supplies left over.  And some of those supplies are perfect for shoe boxes.  Like stickers!
I haven't gone through everything yet, but here's a small pile that I've started.  I don't plan on using any partial sticker sheets, only the full ones.  And these animal ones are perfect!
I'm thinking that there's other scrapbookers out there than have stuff to purge.  I know I saw a large box of supplies donated to my local thrift store a few weeks ago and I bet there's more out there!  So keep your eyes open!  Or just look in your own closet.  ;)


  1. I do often include some stickers in my boxes but never thought to be looking at scrapbook stuff! Now I have something to scour yardsales for this summer. :)