Friday, February 7, 2014

Thrift Store Score!

Hey Everyone!  My name is Sonya and I'm excited to join Tammy on the Packing Boxes of Love blog. Thank you for your warm welcome Tammy.  So many great ideas to stretch a dollar, so we can pack even more shoe boxes.

I love to peruse thrift stores.  I came across two bags of new, unopened beads for 50 cents each.  I scooped them up and spent a few hours stringing beads.  I ended up with 28 necklaces for this years shoe boxes.
I did buy some stretchy lacing for stringing the beads on.  Not terribly expensive and also available at Dollarama.  The roll will do a lot of more necklaces for the next beads I find on my thrift store journeys.  ;)

If you're not up to making necklaces, you could also just include a small bag of beads and some lacing in your shoe box and let the kiddos put them together themselves.

I think these necklaces would work for boy boxes as well as girls.  My sons (ages 3 and 7) both gravitated towards them, so that's a good indication I'd say. :)

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