Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Under $10.00 boxes. 10-14 boy

This is the first year I am collecting supplies all year around.
And I must say that enjoy the hunt of finding a good bargain.
It's amazing what God puts in our path.

I decided to do a 10-14 boys box first.
I do believe that 10-14 boxes are the least amount packed world wide.
And in my mind I always thought they were hard to pack for.
But after hearing that they receive the least amount of boxes I was determined to pack more for them.
I have enjoyed looking for ideas online.
The Operation Christmas Child facebook page has great ideas, as does Clip with a Purpose.
So here's what I've come up with for my first box under $10.00
And I have found they are not that to fill;)

Multipurpose tool $2.00 - Dollarama
Water bottle .05 cents - New from a garage sale.
Bungee cords .50 cents - Dollarama.- pack of 4 for $1.00 divided between 2 boxes.
Truck- not sure where it came from.  Has been sitting in my boys room, never played with.
Underwear .60 cents -Walmart- package of 5 for $3.00 (this was a great sale back in April)
T-shirt $1.94 Superstore - summer clearance.
Marbles $1.00- Dollarama
Stuffed animal - .25 cents - New from a thrift store.
Pencil case - $1.00 - Dollarama
Notebook - .06 cents.  Staples Pack of 4 for .25 cents.
30 sheets of loose leaf.  .04 cents.  Superstore. A pack of 150 sheets divided 5 ways. 
5 pencils .12 cents. Superstore- pack of 10 for .25 cents.
3 Pens .25 cents - Staples - pack of 12 pens for $1.00
Eraser .19 cents - Superstore- pack of 5 erasers for .94 cents
Pencil sharpener .25 cents - Dollarama - pack of 4 sharpeners for $1.00
Pencil crayons .50 cents.  -Superstore-$1.24 divided by 2.
Balloons  free -from a parade
Wash cloth .33 cents. - Giant Tiger- pack of 3 for $1.00
Soap .30 cents - Superstore - $2.99 for 10 pack
Tennis Ball .16 cents -Superstore - $2.97 for a 18 pack
Slinky .25 cents - Target -after Christmas clearance.
Bouncy Ball .09 cents.  - Independent dollar store- $1.50 for a package of 12.

Grand Total $9.83

Although I just noticed I did not include a comb.
This is a staple in my boxes. 
I usually buy a package of 8 from Dollarama for $1.00
So add .12 cents to my total.

And candy I will add from my boys stash of halloween candy.

Which age and gender would you like to see next?

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