Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Box

Have you ever thought of the box as part of the gift?
It is often treasured.
You can use a standard shoe box.
Ask friends to collect them through out the year for you.
Ask a shoe store if they have any extra boxes.
Closer to the collection week you can pick up OCC boxes at various locations.
Hallmark and Dollarama in our area carry them.
Buy a plastic shoe box.   Think of it as another gift to them.
When you have nothing a box to put something in is very special.
I've heard that mothers really appreciate the plastic boxes.
The box is for the child but the whole family benefits from the contents.

Don't forget to decorate the box.
If it is cardboard.
Wrap it with wrapping paper.
Add stickers, bible verses.
Paint it.
For plastic boxes add stickers.
Put a piece of fabric at the bottom, or a bandanna.

Any other ideas how to decorate the box?

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