Friday, September 30, 2011

Superstore- School Supply Markdowns.

Superstore marked down their school supplies!
Media and other brand
Star stickers .44 cents
8 pack of boys erasers .44 cents
Girls erasers .44 cents
Ruler .44 cents
Pencil Crayons .44 cents
6 pack of pencils .44 cents
Crystal pack of pens .44 cents
Notepads .44 cents
Paperclips .44 cents
My Superstore had a large variety and I know I forgot some items.

Joe Brand- blk pens .44 cents
                  correction tape .44 cents
                  tape runner .44
                  pencil cases .94 cents
                  rulers - .24 cents to .74 cents
                 6 pack of erasers .34 cents
The Best deal I found was 5 pack of erasers for .24 cents 

Hasbro Travel games marked down to $2.94.

Have a Great weekend!

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