Monday, November 12, 2012


Through OCC I have met a lot of amazing, inspiring people!

I was recently introduced to Val.  She is doing amazing things in her 900 square foot home in Ottawa Ontario.  Here is her story...

I have been packing boxes for 14 years. I saw the video at my church and did 2 that year!! Having gone on a mission trip with OCC and saw the great need I feel God touched my heart to do more boxes!! I have filled over 12000 since I started I am 69 years old and work full time just to pay for the boxes. I shop for bargains all the time. After every occasion I check to see how much is left at 50 per cent off if they have a lot I wait till its 75 per cent off if not I will buy. I never pay full price.
I never pay full price. I always put school supplies in for the older children I always give soap, hard candy toys hair stuff coloring book crayons stuffed animal puppets hats sunglasses whistles puzzles t-shirt socks underwear cars dolls jewelry marbles beads toy animals play dough yoyo I like to give a good variety of things I want the!m to see their box and say wow somebody sure loves me!
 I have a senior friend(older than me) that knits and crochets the blankets (pictured above) for me I just give her the wool and she does the rest. What a blessing she is!!! I pack the boxes starting as soon as they leave in November. It is very time consuming as we pray for each box as we do I work on them every day. It gets a little crowded in my home at this time of year,as our home is only 900 sq ft. Our basement is quite full right now. 

They made this video a few years ago, called Emily's Hope.

Thank you Val for sharing your story, and more importantly spending your time, energy and resources spreading God's love!


  1. I have met Val! We traveled to Costa Rica together along with her husband, Hugh, in 2011! Love her!

  2. What a wonderful ministry! And I adore those little dolls!

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