Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Drop off day!

Today is the day, we say good by to all our boxes. 
All the fun we've had shopping all year, remembering the amazing deals God has placed in our path, and carefully putting together each box,  knowing that each box is going to a special boy or girl!

As I headed towards town on the bumpy gravel road I heard the maracas shaking, making music.  And it brought a smile to my face.  I wonder how the children will react to everything placed in their boxes. What is the one item they have been praying for? How will they be changed? And their family and their community?  What an amazing opportunity, a box wrapped in love and covered in prayer, can be.    What an honour it is be able to pack boxes, and give them away.

My mom and I had a car full this morning and we went to our neighbouring community to drop them off at the collection site.  And as we dropped them off, we met more wonderful OCC volunteers who graciously came to open the door, as I hadn't checked the hours of drop off. (oops!)

This evening our family will go to our church, along with other children and their families and help us bring all 350 boxes to the tree lighting ceremony. I am excited to see the joy in our Sunday School children's faces as they proudly bring their boxes away. 

And then we pray God's hand of protection over them as they travel from Manitoba to Alberta and then overseas. We pray that every box will hold at least one very special item for the child.  And that eternity will be changed forever!

Thank you to all the OCC volunteers who work tirelessly to make this all possible!

And all Glory and Honor Goes to God.

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