Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet Zoe.

Zoe is 10 years old. And she is doing great things!! Her family has packed a box or two for about 10 years. Last year Zoe packed three and pestered her mom to pack more. That was when her mom started doing some research and found  links enabling her to pack more on a budget.

Here is what her mom writes...
She gets excited about everything little thing we find, it is hard to tell what her favorites are. We found some really cute Christmas necklaces last January at 7-Eleven for about 25cents and she was so excited. At back to school time, I could hardly get her out of the school supplies as she looked for stuff for boxes, not herself! She has been in at least 5 stores scoping out the best deal on pencil sharpeners and can hardly stand still long enough to tell me when she's found the 'best deal'! Even combs, I bought packs of 12 combs at Walmart and she had them all laid out on the floor so she could decide which was better for boys vs girls and younger vs older. (Less than 25cents each is a great deal. I will argue that packing lots of boxes is cheaper than packing only a couple!) Giving the smallest thing thrills her.
She had big rubbermaid containers in her bedroom closet with all the OCC shoe box stuff in them. And regularily through out the year I would find her sitting on her bedroom floor going through everything and organizing it. This is absolutely something she loves!

Here are a few pictures of the boxes that she has packed.

And this isn't her only generous gift! For her 9th birthday she asked for money instead of gifts to give to an orphanage in Cambodia. She raised $316 for them! :) She has already decided she is doing that again next year.

Great job Zoe!! We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

I know I love hearing from other fellow OCCers.  And I'd love to hear from you! 

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  1. Great job Zoe!!! Love your heart for others. :)