Thursday, November 8, 2012

Add a note and picture

It is a great to include a personal note and picture. 
It is fun to write to the child, telling them a bit about you and your family, how special they are and how God loves them.  And don't forget to add a picture of yourself/family.

If you have kids you can download the About Me papers from here. And have them fill out the paper and there is a spot for a picture on the paper.

If you are packing a lot of boxes, or are just running out of time.
You can always combine the two.
Here is the card that we are adding to our boxes.

This one could be used for either gender.
And this one for the girls.
You can find the cards here.

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  1. Do you include your physical address in your boxes? We were just a little uncomfortable doing that not knowing where our 50 boxes would go.