Monday, November 5, 2012

Multiple Monday-Clothes Line and Bungee Cords

 I love giving variety in my boxes! I found rope at dollarama and with my dad's help we were able to divide it between 4 boxes. It was alot of rope for $1.00! We walked around the house, well the middle part, a few times:) And I bought a package of clothes pins. So I added 6-7 to each bag. So for $2.00 I could give 4 girls -clothes lines and pins. Or they could use the rope for other things.

And for boys boxes, I like to add bungee cords.  My son had this idea and they use them all the time.  So why not add it to a boys box.

What do you like to divide?

1 comment:

  1. I like to give magnets. I get some good strong magnets at the hardware store; don't bother with the ones in the toy section. Then I put them in a ziplock bag with a handful of washers which I get by the pound at the local hardware/welding shop.