Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Projects- Bows

I posted about these super easy DIY bows a while back.
Last week I made my own.  And they are super easy!
I had felt sitting in my closet.  And I had found the red ribbon a while back for .30 cents a meter.  And knew it would come in handy some time.  The glittery purple I found at Fabric land.  3 meters for $1.39. And I couldn't pass it up.  The all felt bows are super easy and fast.  The ones with ribbon were a bit harder, only because I sewed the ribbon on and it was quite thick.  I added bobby pins.  And I think they'll be a cute addition to my boxes.

I also made my own version of Crayon Wallets.  Which I'll post in the next few days.
And this afternoon I cut out fabric for pencil cases.  Now to sew them.

Anyone else working on OCC projects these days?

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