Thursday, February 23, 2012

Damira's story

Desertion and illness have ruined Damira’s childhood.   Her father deserted the family years ago; hisDamira daughter has no idea how to contact him.  Then, only three months ago, her mother fell desperately ill, and so the only solution was for the orphanage to give Damira a home. 

Damira longs to see her mother again, and spends many anxious hours wondering what will become of her if she cannot return to her mother in a few months time.    She is very homesick and worried about the future.  She was deeply touched to think that someone somewhere had cared enough to send her something.   It reminded her that the local Christians are also caring.   The shoebox has helped build Damira’s confidence in the local church.  A relationship of trust and goodwill is being strengthened.

Story by Anne Coomes
Photo by James Fletcher
Source OCC UK

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