Monday, October 22, 2012

Update and Do's and Don't's of Packing Boxes.

Less than a month until collection week!!! Who is excited?

Sorry for the lack of posts.  It's a busy time of  year! 

My boxes at home are all packed, expect for the candy, which I'll buy after halloween when it's on sale.
I'll hopefully post more pictures of some of my favorite boxes in the days to come
Our packing party at church is coming along good. I am learning to delegate.  Not something that comes naturally for me. But on  Sunday I had the high school students fold all our boxes, and cut and tape all the girl boy labels.  This was a huge blessing.  And something I am glad to stroke off my to do list.
I also have a wonderful support group of ladies who help with any little projects, bagging soap, cutting price tags off clothes etc. They are always up for anything.
I am now recruiting volunteers to help with the packing party.  Baking goodies, working our "store" where the kids buy items from to fill their boxes, and having extra helpers for the younger grades.  Oh and I have asked a photographer.  Another important position to fill.

I want to leave you with this post written on Muthering Heights and it is a great fun article on the do's and don't's of what to pack.

Happy Shopping and Packing!!

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