Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5-9 Girls Box

Bag- free (from Subway)
2 Notebooks .10 cents (.05 cents each Walmart Back to School)
Pet Shop Stuffed animal - free (given to me)
Socks - free (Given to me from a friend who use to make Sock Monkeys and didn't know what to do with her extra socks)
Shirt $1.00 (Fields clearance)
Little Pet shop toys -.25 cents (Found at thrift store but from Mc.Donalds Happy Meal)
Candy - free (livesavers, pixie sticks, suckers from parades and birthday party goodie bags)
Skipping Rope .75 cents (Bargain shop summer clerance)
Heart puzzle .12 (pack of 6 on clearance after Valentine's day)
Ball .25 cents (Old Navy)
Package of stickers (from a large pack of foam stickers, divided into a few packages)
Wash cloth .33 cents (Walmart -pack of 12 for $4.00)
Toothbrush .21 cents ( Pack of 6 for $1.25 from Dollar Tree)
Bows -made from felt
Headbands, bracelets, rings from Dollarama maybe $1.00 for everything
Sewing Kit- made my own
Orange Pencil Sharpener - Party City
Crayons .25 cents Target
Scissor .30 cents (Pack of 3 for .91 cents from Canadian Tire)
2 Erasers .10 cents (Pack of 5 for .25 cents from Superstore)
5 pens .22 cents (Pack of 10 for .44 cents from Superstore Clearance)
5 pencils .13 cents (Pack of 10 for .25 cents Superstore Back to School)

There are a few things I don't remember the price of.  But I'm guessing the total is under $8.00

Happy Packing

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