Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips on making it all fit.

Getting everything packed into a box, can be a challenge.
Here are a few tips which have helped me make the most of the room there is, and making sure the items arrive in good condition.

I love adding notebooks, looseleaf and paper.  But the problem is that it doesn't seen to fit properly.  What I have found to be the most effective way of packing, is to put the paper in so it folds up to the top of the lid. And when the lid closes it gently fold it over, without wrecking it. If you pack it with the paper coming up the other way, the lid crushes it.  If you try adding it lengthwise, the notebooks and paper are a bit too big and end up getting crumpled.
When adding crayons and soap (which should be bagged) I usually add them to the end standing up.  It seems to be the best use of space.

When packing a waterbottle, or cup.  Add items into the bottle to make use of the empty space.  Wash cloths, socks, underwear, all fit well into there, as long as the opening isn't too narrow. Remember they have to be able to get it out as well.

Happy Packing!

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