Sunday, September 30, 2012


Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good! His Love endure Forever.

It's a perfect fall Sunday.  The leaves are a deep golden yellow, the air is warm.  The donation box was overflowing at church, with more shoes, school supplies, soap and wash cloths. New people attending our church wanting to know how to help out, what was still needed. We set the date of our packing party! We had a wonderful church service and Thanksgiving meal after, with all the fixings. My heart is overflowing.  And I read Kathy Schriefer's blog Life Inside the Box, and how God supplied enough for 21, 106 boxes which were packed in the past 2 days.  AMAZING!

Whatever you are praying for today.  Remember God is Able!  Not by our strength, or ability.  But He will provide!

Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday.  We're off to a family gathering with more amazing food and good company.
Be Blessed!

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