Thursday, September 27, 2012

2-4 Boys Box under $6.00

Collection week is less than 2 months away!! How exciting.  I love digging out everything we have shopped for through out the year. And put it all together to bless children around the world.  And how cool that we can do it from our own home (or where ever you pack from), include our own children and have fun doing it!

Here is the first one of 2012.  It's for a boy 2-4. Excuse the bad picture, my camera is having problems focusing. 

2 Note book -.12 cents (Superstore back to school clearance 4 for .25 cents)
Whistle-.25 cents (Salvation Army)
Beach Ball -.44 cents- (Superstore clearance)
Stuffed animal (given to me)
Wooden school bus-.50 cents  (Michaels clearance )
Ball -.25 cents (Old Navy)
Shorts - $1.00 (Walmart summer clearance)
Shirt.75 cents (hard to see but it is there. Pack of 4 at Giant Tiger)
Soap (free with coupon)
Tooth brush-21 cents (Pack of 6 for $1.25 at Dollar Tree)
Wash Cloth-.33 cents (pack of 12 for $4.00 at Walmart)
Comb -.11 cents Pack of 10 for $1.25 from Dollar Tree)
Underwear- $1.00 (Fields clearance)
3 Pencils -.08 cents (pack of 10 for .25 cents at Superstore Back to School)
Eraser .05 (pack of 5 for .25 cents at Superstore Clearance)
Scissor-.30 cents (pack of 3 for .91 cents at Canadian Tire)
Pencil Case (I made from felt from the Thrift Store.  I purchased a huge piece of felt for less than a dollar and it made a lot of pencil cases.  So no idea of cost, but pennies)
3 Pens .13 cents (pack of 10 for .44 cents at Superstore)
Pencil Sharpener -.25 cents (not shown)( 4 for $1.00 at Dollarama)

Total $5.77

*Still need to add candy which I will pick up after halloween, and also need to add a note a picture.

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