Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raising Funds for Operation Christmas Child- Dunk Tank

I can take no credit for this idea.  Our Sunday School superintendent, came up with the idea to have a dunk tank at our Church Picnic and raise funds for Operation Christmas Child.  And how could I say no to raising money for OCC?  He was able to rent it for a great deal.  We had 6 individuals, who all happen to be men, say yes to being dunk.  We then auctioned off the first ball for each individual, to the highest bidder. After the highest bidder dunk the dunkee, anyone else was able to try their hand.  The kids had lots of fun!  We ended up using a basketball, this made it a little more easier, and more fun for the kids. Our superintendent also got dunked as he put out a challenge for the Sunday School kids to raise enough money to ship 10 boxes.  And sure enough, they came through and he got wet. 
Here is our Associate Pastor in the tank.  The man in the blue shirt was our auctioneer.  He did a great job.  The gentleman in the hat, was helping keep track who was bidding, making sure no one was left out.  
We had no idea what to expect. Possibly $5-10 dollars a ball.  
But God had other plans!
We hit the $100 dollar mark with one person.
Then the next was over $200.
And by our last participant we had raised $800.
And then they raised the bar.
If they could hit the $1000 mark, (just $200 to go, but the crowd had greatly thinned out) would I get dunk. I immediately said yes.  How could I say no, as everyone had stepped up to the plate and bid, volunteered to be in the tank (in the cold water...brrr) And cheer people on.  "It's for the kids" You're making a difference in a childs life! etc.  

And with that the last round of bidding started.
And I ended up here...
It was quite nerve racking sitting up there, wondering when you are going to go down into the water.
But it was worth every second of it!

And in the end another lady, did it for the kids, and raised another $200.

A huge thank you to my church and everyone involved in making this a successful fund-raiser!

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  1. What a "cooooool" idea :-). You really raised a lot thru this.