Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fields Liquidation

I heard a while ago that all Fields Stores were closing down.  This past weekend we went to a neighbouring community with a Fields, and saw that the liquidation has started.

It's a great time to stock up on shoe box items.  Some of the best buys I found were...
tape-.13 cents (be careful which ones you pick up the one brand is .75 cents each)
Easter stickers .13 cents
boys and girls underwear 3 pack for $1.50
6 pack of socks $3.00
hot wheels cars .88 cents
hair accessories .88 cents
greeting  cards 10 for $2.00
batteries .50 cents

Everything is marked down. It is a little confusing because it is different percentages from item to item.  But they were very helpful, and they did a lot of price checks for me;)

Has anyone else found some good buy?
I'm hoping their shoes go on a more of a clearance yet.


  1. Great deals! I love seeing what others get as I often get ideas for more goodies to add to my boxes.

  2. Our Fields closed in February, but I got a whole bunch of great things, like clothes, hair accessories, washcloths, crayon packs, and more!