Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Do you ever see an image and it shakes you?
Makes you think?
You can't get it out of your head?
I saw this on pinterest today.

Pinterest via Bev Witting

My emotions ran high.
I didn't know whether to cry or think that is pretty smart.
But then again, it is garbage she is using as sandals.
Garbage, she has to use to protect her feet.
And me, well I complained about petty little things today.
But in reality. I have no idea how good I have it!
God easily could have placed me in those shoes.
But instead he put me here. 
I don't deserve to be here.
But here I am.
It makes me think.
Am I doing enough to help people?
In my community?
In my country?
Around the world?
This world is so unfair.
I am unfair.  I am selfish.
I am grateful for a God who forgives us. 
And gives us second chances.
So the next time I think of complaining,
and even if it's only in my head. 
 I want to remember this picture. 
 And to be thankful for everything God has given me.
And then to pray, demonstrate His love, and make a difference.

This reminds me why adding basic necessities
 to boxes HELPS children around the world. 
This is why I love packing boxes.  
This is why God has put me on this earth.
To be His hands and feet.
  So maybe, a sweet soul like this,
 can  wear a descent pair of shoes.
  And that this sweet soul will know
 that God loves and cares for her and her beautiful feet.

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