Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pack a Theme Box.

Don't you love how God works?  I was going thru my boxes of shoe box items.  And found that I already had the making of a Strawberry Shortcake box!  I had bought all 3 items separately and had forgotten about them.  But put together they will make a great theme box!

Other ideas for theme boxes are...
Sports theme
Specific color.  We've done a few orange boxes in the past.

What themes have you done?


  1. Oh I love the Strawberry Shortcake themed box! Strawberry Shortcake was my favorite when I was a little girl. :) I love theme boxes too, I know that it was always fun to me when I had things that coordinated. Last year I had several Hello Kitty themed shoeboxes, I loved those boxes the most :) I also did a Babar elephant box that turned out pretty cute too. :)

  2. one more thing, I know it's a really good box when I would be thrilled if one of my children received it... I don't have any girls, but if I did, I would be thrilled if they received your Strawberry Shortcake shoebox... such cute things, I'm sure they will be treasured!

  3. Looks like the making of a fun box! With trying to pack lots of boxes it is easy to fall into a system and "clone" the boxes. I want to try more theme boxes and try hard to include hand made items in each to make them more unique.

  4. It is harder as we pack more boxes to make them unique and not everyone exactly the same. It is also more fun to make make theme boxes. It just sometimes takes a bit more time and resources. But definetly worth it.
    I think any girl would love a Strawberry Shortcake box. I still think it's amazing it's one of the only toys that smells. And smells so good!