Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hutterite Garage Sales

Hello!  Usually at this time of year, garage sales have kind of wound down.  And for the most part they have. With the exception of the Hutterite garage sales, at least in our area.  Today I attended garage sales at 2 different colonies (Fairholme and Good Hope, both South West of Portage la Prairie).  And I managed to snag quite a few deals.
My favorite find of the day was the mens hats.  There was a huge box of them, brand new with tags.  They were asking 3/$1, but throughout my years of garage saleing, I've gotten the nerve to barter now and again. I asked the lady if she would give me a better price if I took 50 hats and she sold them to me for $12.  So that's .24 cents a hat.
There was also lots of bars of soap around, so I bartered at both colonies and got almost 30 bars of soap for about .25 cents a piece.
Socks and toques were a quarter a piece and I found a few miscellaneous things as well: a beanie baby (.25), a collapsible cup (.10), a bag of wooden beads (.25), a small toy drum (.25), and some wash cloths that worked about to .30 a piece.
I also always checked the free boxes and got free felt (see top left hand corner), that I can use for a craft I have in mind for shoe boxes and a new mens hat.
I have never really shopped garage sales with shoe boxes in mind, until this spring.  I have found the odd thing here and there, but overall, not that much.  You want something that's a great price, but also something that is or looks brand new.  You also want quality items, not just trinkets from a dollar store.
So if you have a chance to hit up a hutterite garage sale, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the things you can find.
Do any other areas have sales such as these?  Just curious!

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  1. Sonya, I hope this isn't a duplicate p[ost -- just tried to post, had to jump through some hoops and wound up with a blank screen again! Yes, here in NorCal's East Bay, yard sales can be a gold mine for OCC boxes! I've found Barbies, baby dolls, Beanies, Matchbox cars, craft items, and so much more. A few months ago, I got 8 pairs of soccer shoes, brand new, for $2/pr! I can usually negotiate the dolls and Beanies for about 50 cents each -- once in a while, I have to pay $1 for a Barbie, but not often. And the Matchhbox cars go for 2 or 3 for $1, often still in their packaging. I've also found that, online, Zulily and WalMart have great sales -- Zulily's great for kids' shoes and WM often has undies and T-shirt packs very reasonably. They both have free shipping if you buy a certain dollar amount, so I can have them shipped directly to our group leader who lives in another state. And, I buy through MyPoints, so with each purchase I earn points I can turn into gift cards later on and either use them for gas money or restaurants when i go on a trip or for gc's for places where I can get more shoe box items. If you'd rather get cash back from rewards points, see if those two sellers are partnered with eBates.