Friday, August 15, 2014

Canadian Flag Lapel Pins

I always like to include something with the Canadian flag on it, in each shoe box I pack.  An easy way to let the recipient know which country the box came from.  The souvenir section of any store often has little items that can be bought, such as tags, stuffed animals, key chains, etc. 
I got these Canadian flag lapel pins in the mail today.  A great addition for a shoe box.  And best part is - they're free!  Just contact a member of parliament and they will send them out to you.
I think these would get lost easily in a shoe box, so I'm thinking it would be wise to maybe print out some card stock with a little message or Scripture on it and pin one of these on.
What other items have you come across with the Canadian Flag on it?

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  1. Flag items: I'm in the U.S.. I don't include anything with a national identity because there are a lot of places in the world where we're not appreciated, to put it mildly and, not having any idea where the boxes could go, I don't want to diminish the children's joy (or put them in danger) by adding the Stars and Stripes. You in Canada, are generally not considered as "evil" as some consider us, but I'd think there are some places where the Maple Leaf wouldn't be "acceptable", either. IMHO, these kiddos have enough to worry about in their lives without being afraid that a pin or a pattern could mark them for reprisals. If I had any control over where the individual boxes were going, I'd probably include a little something similar to your flag pins -- either U.S. or CA. I'm just afraid for the ones who live in scary places!