Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garage Sale Time!

Garage Sales have started up again. 
It is so fun to go out and see what you'll find!
There were 3 right beside each other today.

I picked up 8 bars of soap and Ardene's pony tail holdes all for .50 cents.
Picked up a few games, bag of balloons and a great red clown nose!
Thought this cute Hawaiian shirt would look cute on a boy.
And praying the aqua shoes will go to a boy who lives near water.
For .50 cents I couldn't leave them there.
Don't forget to check the "Free" box that garage sales often have.
Today I came home with all these balls for free!
I was excited that I found more for boys again today!

Do you enjoy going to garage sales?
What's the best buy you're gotten at a garage sale?


  1. I love garage sales for OCC boxes! Last year, I found a bunch of unopened PEZ dispensers for 10 cents a piece. I also like to look for unopened McDonald's toys. People are usually dying to get rid of the things so they always sell them super cheap.

  2. Pez dispensers are a good find! You never know what you are going to find. I often find McDonald toys too. Everyone has so much and sometimes when I mention I'm giving it to third world countries they lower the price or give it to me for free. Not everyone, but it has happened.