Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites - Shoes

After seeing this picture. 
I am even more convinced about adding shoes to boxes.

In my church I put out a footwear challenge. Challenging everyone in our congregation to purchase a pair of footwear. So if you have 5 people in your family, you would purchase 5 pairs of footwear. If everyone in our congregation steps up and does the challenge, everyone of our shoe boxes we pack this year, will contain a pair of footwear!  

A pair of shoes, sandals, flip flops,can often be the difference between being able to attend school or not. Shoes are a luxury in a lot of countries.
My sister was telling me that often people share a pair of shoes. They each get one shoe and then they hop around on that foot.  That sounds very tiring to me.  Imagine sharing your only pair of shoes!

Now is the time to buy sandals and flip flops.  
They are inexpensive and can help improve the quality of life for a child.


  1. I have been trying to include flip flops in each box, too. Great idea on the challenge. How many shoe boxes to do you plan to pack? Do you have your church members donate lots of the items?

  2. Great post! I was so blessed last year, I ended up with several pairs of nice flip flops thanks to some great Kohl's coupons (thank you Lord!) I prayed a lot that the flip flops would fit. :) Praying for more shoe deals for this year's shoeboxes!