Monday, November 14, 2011

Great deals are all around us.

It's one week until Collection Week!
How exciting!  I finished up my boxes at home yesterday.
I just had to add my notes to my boxes.
Now I'm getting ready for our packing party on Sunday.
And I need to finish shopping for that.
And God always provides.

You never know where you are going to find a great deal.

Check online.
In our area we have a swap/buy on Facebook.
A friend sent me a message with a heads up on these this morning.
I just bought these 7 bags of brand new balls.
With 50 in each bag  for $1.00 a bag!

Thrift store are also another favorite place of mine.
Last week I picked up these puppets.
There were 16 in the bag, plus 2 other big pieces of new felt. 
They need some eyes, which we will attach yet, and a mouth. 
 But they were 16 for $1.00!

It's also great to have friends looking out for deals for you.
I'm thankful my friend sent me a message regarding the balls.
Friends can also be a great resource:)

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