Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna let it Shine.

Sorry about being MIA.  It was a busy week.  Although all weeks leading up to Christmas probably will be.  The weather has been beautiful.  And Christmas is creeping up on us.  I saw that Shoe Boxes were out at our Dollarama location!  YEA!  That means collection week is just around the corner.
We had our Shoe Box kick off at our church this morning. 
 It's great to see 3 and 4 year olds excited about packing boxes for other children.

This afternoon my boys were doing fun fusion.
I'm not sure if that's what they're called but that's what our bucket says.
Anyways my boys were playing around.  And my oldest said, mommy don't look.
And when I could look he showed me he had come up with a cross.
I loved the idea.

And what started out as one cross.  Ended up being a days project for them.
They wanted to make enough for each child in their Sunday School class to add to their boxes.
And then they couldn't stop:)

But the thing he was most proud of was that all the centers were made with glow beads.
So that even in the dark, the cross will shine!
It reminded me that even though this world has so much darkness,
God's light always shines, it never goes out.
And now I have This little light of Mine stuck in my head.

What crafts have you done with your kids that you will add to your boxes?

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