Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing Kits

I always like packing items which could help the recipient.
I try to include a sewing kit in all my 10-14 boxes.
The top sewing kit I found at Giant Tiger for $4.00.
The scissor seems like really good quality.

The bottom kit I found at walmart.
They are normally $5.00 but at my walmart they are clearing them out for $3.00.

They both have a variety of items: scissor, measuring tape, pin cushion, needles, thread, etc.

I also found a huge bag of buttons on sale at Walmart for $1.50.
I bought that and I added more buttons to each kit.
I will probably have enough buttons for this year and next from this bag.
I am also planning on adding more safety pins to each kit.
As they only came with a few.
And safety pins always come in handy.

Another idea is to take the sewing kits from hotels.
Not all hotels have them. 
But if you happen to luck out, take it along and put it in your box.
I have a few friends who travel often who are
 collecting for our packing party this Christmas season.

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