Thursday, August 11, 2011

School supplies

Did you know often times children can not go to school because they do not have the school supplies they need.  But by adding them to your box you can help a child attend school.

Right now is a great time to stock up on school supplies!

Here are some of the best deals I have found for the week of August 12-18th.
(prices may vary depending on your location)

Pencils 10 pack for .25 cents
Crayola pencil crayons 24 for $1.25.  and it includes a pencil sharpener!
Crayola Crayons .80 cents
Bic pens 10 pack .99 cents
4 pack of notebooks .25 cents
coil notebook .15 cents
5 pack of erasers .94 cents
150 pack of loose leaf .25 cents.

10 pack of pencils  .25 cents
Hilroy notebooks 4 for .25 cents
150 loose leaf for .19 cents
limit 6 per customer.
Saturday only 200 hilroy loose leaf 10 cents.

4 notebooks for .25 cents
Crayola Crayons .75 cents
Crayola 24 pencil crayons plus bonus sharpener $1.25
Bic 8 -10 pack of pens $1.00
200 Hilroy loose leaf .25 cents
Coil Notebook .15 cents
4 pack of erasers .75 cents

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